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My Kikki K Planner

Hey everyone! I am really enjoying this A5 size, but I am not going to lie – this baby is heavy! I am currently carrying around a Limited Edition Kikki K Planner in mint (size large which is equivalent to a Filofax A5). The dashboard shown in the photo is an old arrow overlay that I had in my shop (soon to open October 1 with all amazing new items from Tokyo!)

I have been getting a lot of questions about my printables. I use Hammermill Color Digital paper where I purchase from my local Staples, and what I like about it is its smooth and super bright white color. Also, the inks from my stamps don’t bleed as much either so that’s a plus! The digital prints are from Miss Tiina and what I did was purchase the personal size (which I was using in the beginning of the year) and just printed it at 130% on half-sized letter paper (aka “statement” in my HP printer). Another cute site that has adorable printables is Hello Forever for those who like them undated.


IMG_4180.JPGDon’t forget to sign up for the October Studio Calico class Agenda! See you guys there!


Studio Calico Agenda

IMG_3666.JPGHey everyone! Well, my casino has finally opened and I am back on my creative kick! I wanted to let you guys know that I am helping Marcy Penner and friends kick off an awesome class called Agenda in the Studio Calico. IMG_4180.JPGCan you believe that I think I have graduated into the A5 size?? I know, its crazy. But with so much going on in my life, I felt it was super necessary. Before I left for Tokyo, Kikki K planner was selling a limited edition mint leather large agenda – and I got my hands on it! If you are obsessed with gold, they have a GORGEOUS one on sale right now here!

IMG_4058.JPGI hope to see you guys there! And on another note — be on the look out, I am opening up the Paper Addict store back October 1! Mark your filofaxes!!!


Releasing Tomorrow

I am so grateful that the 1st mini launch went smoothly. Tomorrow is the second installment of the launch. I am currently taking all feedback via email please ( In addition to the kits, August and future ones will be muuuuuuuuch better. I am heading to Tokyo Japan for some out of this world stuff, as well as working with Studio L2E for a launch of some exclusive planner stamps! Woohoo!!

Here’s tomorrow’s release you can purchase here:





Kits are $25 plus $5 (US) and $15 (INTL) shipping. They are pretty heavy this month — supplies are limited! I hope to see you there!

Hello Paper Addict June Reveal


Finally! It’s ready to be ordered! Thank you so much for your patience! On May 25th at 12pm PST, the kit link will open up and you will be able to purchase a Hello Paper Addict June edition kit. Here’s a sneak peek at what will be available:

  • Washi Tape black pen
  • 1mm neon page flags
  • Sakuralala exclusive Peta shape travel washi tape
  • Sakuralala exclusive To-Do bubble speech sticky notes
  • Studio Calico page clips
  • Hello Paper Addict airplane paper clips
  • 3 sheets of shaped rainbow mark-its
  • Sunshine page divider – personal or A5 size

Add-Ons are also available:

  • Studio Calico South Market dashboard
  • Washi Tapes
  • and more!
    IMG_9354 IMG_9355 IMG_9356 IMG_9357 IMG_9358 IMG_9359 IMG_9360

A Hello I’m a Paper Addict Planner Kit!

Are you a planner fanatic but you are just hoarding products that you basically will never use? I hope I can help that with a monthly planner kit that I know you will be proud of using!


Hello, Paper Planner Addict!

June 1, I will be allowing pre-orders for a limited number of kits. And I mean VERY limited, but the future kits I will allow more purchases. Please keep in mind this is still testing, the products are exceptional and I would love feedback once you receive the kits (what you like, what you prefer, future product interests).

Items are hand selected and ordered months in advanced, some items coming directly from Japan. I have personally picked quality items that I personally use in my day-to-day paper planning life and I hope this will help you organize better while bringing your creative side out! Future products will include but not limited to American Crafts, Amy Tangerine, Heidi Swapp, Studio Calico, Allison Kreft, Freckled Fawn, Sakura Lala, Webster Pages, Hambly Overlay and more!**

June Kits will be available at $5 US shipping, $15 international shipping at the moment.

Future pre-orders will start the 25th of each month, and you will have the option to purchase a personal size kit or an A5 kit (prices vary). Add-ons can be added up until the last day of the month and everything will ship out between the 1st – 7th.

Sign up for newsletter and updates with future kits here!

This is a horrible picture but you get the gist of it:


New Shop items!

More pretty things for your planner! I just want to say how so very grateful I am for every single purchase and blog reader who follows me. I never thought that there was so many people in the world who loved pretty accessories for their planners as much as I did! Let’s go over a few new shop items!


It’s getting harder and harder to get Hambly Overlays – like VERY hard! Sadly, they are being extinct slowly but surely. They will someday just be gone – and its so sad because they are beautiful! However, I was able to find THREE other manufacturers who do make something similar. Above are three new designs that I just adore. They aren’t the same thick quality as the HO but they are just as adorable. And they were designed by the ever so talented Allison Kreft – who we know was also affiliated with HO. In addition, her paperclips are also in the store. I was able to purchase them in bulk, so split up into a set of 5 for $2.25!20140403-165518.jpg

Also in the store, are the awesome 7mm We R Memory Keepers washi. They are also the same size as the pastel washi in the store here. They are so perfect for the planners since its the same size as a highlighter. 20140403-165537.jpg

I love bookmark clips. These are perfect because they are flat and metal! These came straight from Tokyo, so they take a little longer to come in. More will be in the shop soon! 20140403-165628.jpg

And of course, more overlays/dashboards! I am expecting more gold HO ones in soon – imagine the peacock one in gold! Yes – coming soon! Of course the clouds was a huge success in the my shop, I was able to find a secondary alternative. Its a “doodle” version – basically as if someone drew it on! Hearts, banners, stars! Oh My!20140403-165657.jpg

I love Project Life. And what else I love are the dividers. They are a bit larger than your usual planner ones, so I trimmed them down for you and punched the holes right in. What’s also cool is I cut slit in the holes so you can easily pop them in without opening your rings!20140403-165718.jpgAnd of course, if you have been following my Facebook feed – YES, I am seriously in the works of creating a monthly subscription box of adorable goodies. The item will include 10-12 pieces priced starting at $19.99. Both international and domestic – and both planner sizes – personal and A5 (future sizes to come). It will include washi tape, pens, clips, stickers, mark-its, dashboards, etc. It will also include the option for add-ons. So leave a comment below if this is something you will be interested in and I will be starting a newsletter soon for it.

And once again, thank you thank you thank you – for ALL of your support.


Personal Original Yellow Filofax

I can not believe I am saying this, but I recently sold my hot pink Filofax! I know! Crazy huh? She was seriously my pride and joy, but I could not, and I mean NOT deal with the short strap. I found an online store at Amazon UK called Just Sports and Leather (thanks to fellow instagrammer @handmadebycharlottevictoria) that sold the longer strap. But don’t worry, I believe the new shipments every store is getting has the new strap. For your information, the older strap was 3.5 inches (8.5 cm), while the new strap is 4 inches (9.5 cm).

Here are some photos to compare:


Here they are side by side.


Hard to see here, since it was taken on my car console


Doodling for week 46


Use my special pen (more coming soon in shop) for the doodling on the tape.


On my desk


Its Thanksgiving week and this is stressing me out just to look at it!

What about you? How does your Thanksgiving week look? Post it below in the comments and I’ll take a peek!

Flash Sale Preview

If you are following my Instagram feed ( you would be able to see some previews of things I have coming up for sale in my Destash Flash Sale.

Some things going up for sale:

Pocket Size bundle of dashboards: 5 sheets in 1 pack for $4
Personal Size bundle of dashboards: 5 sheets in 1 pack for $5
A5 Size bundle of dashboards: 4 sheets in 1 pack for $6





And what about those Studio Calico subscriptions stamps:

Dashboards anyone?

Also, amongst the items from my scrapbook room, I’ll also be listing some infamous Filofaxes from my collection! Do you also remember that awesome pen I got from Houston that writes so awesome on washi? Yep! That’s in it too! Some gold doilies, manila tags, envelopes – a great deal of tidbits from the old Paper Addict store!

Tomorrow, Thursday 11/21 at 12pm, you will be able to preview the listings and prices. So make your wishlist! Because once its gone – its gone. I’ve decided to keep the link as the site since I figured it was much easier for everyone including me!

Happy Shopping! See you tomorrow at the sneak!


New Items in Shop!

Wooohoooo! A whole new shipment of awesome and beautifully silk-screened Hambly Overlays just shipped my way. And this time, I am pretty sure it won’t sell out as fast as last time.

This time, they come in all sizes!

Which one is your fave? When I return from New York City on Monday, stay tuned for a 3000 Follower giveaway! Check out the new stuff at International shipping as well!

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