Project Life: Week 11

Hello Week 11! This was a special week – it was the week that Deuce rescued us! Or should I say we rescued! I did this week with Simple Stories instagram pockets and Dog collection. The colors were pretty bold and I felt steered more towards male colors vs female colors. But I guess if you imagination was more open than mine, you can use it for both!

20140401-225649.jpgI dabbled with some SC Office Hour and cobined it with a pop of SS Dog kits here and there. I also went pretty crazy printing from my Instax share – I actually did this entire spread with 1 whole set of Instax film! #obsessed20140401-225658.jpgI am really loving the tidbits and the way they sit in the square. I used KP’s Mon Ami to cover the backs of the shapes. I journaled a bunch of special facts relating to Deuce on them as well.20140401-225704.jpgThat clear card from SC Office Hour was screaming to be decorated – I chose to keep it clear and just added some color to it.20140401-225710.jpgHow obsessing is the SC chipboards? I ended up buying each color in bulk, I needed to have them all!20140401-225717.jpgThis little card just looked so much like Deuce as a puppy – just so happy and presented with a little bow on his tail!20140401-225725.jpgThose puppy stickers with the foot prints were to die for! My washi tape pen from the shop is the perfect point size for jounaling – especially on washi tape!

20140401-225731.jpgDeuce’s mom Polka Dot was so sad to see us take him. He was the tiniest thing ever – but now at 12 weeks (today’s age) he has gotten so plumped and fat!20140401-225736.jpgI had some leftover Maya Road chipboard. I never used chipboard in my scrapbooking and when they sent me these – I knew it belonged in this week’s spread. I painted it with Jenni Bowlin chicken feed paint color dauber!20140401-225748.jpgHow awesome are the squares? Perfect for those instagram squares we love so much.20140401-225755.jpgDon’t worry Cedes, you’re still my first love!20140401-225801.jpgPrintable label by SC digital – they make the best colors!

Project Life: Week 10

During Week 10, our search for the perfect dog continued. I was so heartbroken when I wanted to rescue this beagle from California. only to be told that the rescue agency didn’t allow out-of-state adoptions. So I documented our “almost” dog Reyna – a female beagle at 8 weeks. Funny because she looks very similar to the dog we actually rescued!

Ms. Kelly Purkey sent me a kit from her class at Paper Tales I wasn’t able to attend. I loved her Mon Ami line so much after I played with it in the kit that I bought more during Two Peas 20% sale! Luckily I piled up on the alphas before realizing they were on backorder with Basic Grey. Yay, I dodged that wait! I opened up a recent account with Basic Grey since I realized a lot of their capture products work great with planners. Remember that planner idea I had for a sub kit …. keep your eyes open!



You can’t go wrong with these KP alphas. The colors are SUPERB!20140401-225536.jpg

These grey alphas are from Basic Grey as well – perfect size for Project Lifing right?20140401-225543.jpgMore Office Hour – i love the blues and greens!


Project Life: Week 9

Hi Everyone!! I know I have been missing lately, and I swear, I have been crafting! Hahaha! A lot has happened since my last posting – I rescued a new puppy!!! His name is Deuce and he was 8 weeks when I adopted him. His mother was a stray and was rescued from a high kill shelter in California. The agency I adopted my puppy from is called Adopt A Rescue Pet. If you are considering getting a pet, please please please rescue one from your local shelter!

And on the week 9:



Life was pretty boring this week – except for the fact that I chopped off 8 inches of my hair!20140401-225312.jpg


These cards are from an add-on from Studio Calico released around Valentine’s day!20140401-225342.jpg


The tidbits are from Chic Tags exclusive kit for January!20140401-225349.jpg


Don’t you just love Studio Calico’s Office Hours?20140401-225402.jpg


One of the very last photos of Cedes as an “only child” :) 20140401-225411.jpg


I actually used both sides of that March card from Office Hours – it was too pretty to not double up!20140401-225418.jpgAdded some wood veneers to the Week 9 card!


Week 8 … Continued

New Orleans was a treat! It was my 2nd time going (see last years here). This year instead of boozing and stuffing my face (well I did all that too), I was able actually SEE the wonderful city. This year I stayed at the Omni Royal. AWESOME hotel and right in the French Quarter. My casino actually does a ton of business with Creole Cuisine and all I can say is you have never tried southern food until you have eaten at any Creole Cuisine restaurant. My favorite? Royal House! Order the artichoke dip – you’re welcome, thank me later. 20140401-225110.jpg



I asked the locals – where do you go for some good indie arts and crafts? I headed to the Frenchman Market and picked up some re-strung guitar jewelry at the market. Definitely a few selfie-worthy Instagram photos there. I also supported some local photographers who still use the old negative and solution camera for some gorgeous photos of Hurricane Isaac that recently hit New Orleans.20140401-225127.jpg




What’s a visit to NOLA without going to Cafe Du Monde – twice? Yes, I am ashamed at myself. The wait was super fast and well worth it!20140401-225159.jpg


20140401-225222.jpgI used pretty much leftovers from Office Hours by Studio Calico and Sugar Rush. Have you been to NOLA? What places did you HAVE to go see?


Project Life: Week 8

Yes I have been project lifing still! I just realized I have never posted them! This wonderful week was filled with the awesome Studio Calico Sugar Rish kit …. seriously a HUGE favorite of mine. And how even cooler is it has a Kellie Winnell add-on stamp.


A huge week 8 highlight was the chopping of my hair!!





Day 1 of New Orleans!



New Orleans was a blast – be prepared for the next couple of spreads to be all about NOLA during Mardi Gras!

New Shop items!

More pretty things for your planner! I just want to say how so very grateful I am for every single purchase and blog reader who follows me. I never thought that there was so many people in the world who loved pretty accessories for their planners as much as I did! Let’s go over a few new shop items!


It’s getting harder and harder to get Hambly Overlays – like VERY hard! Sadly, they are being extinct slowly but surely. They will someday just be gone – and its so sad because they are beautiful! However, I was able to find THREE other manufacturers who do make something similar. Above are three new designs that I just adore. They aren’t the same thick quality as the HO but they are just as adorable. And they were designed by the ever so talented Allison Kreft – who we know was also affiliated with HO. In addition, her paperclips are also in the store. I was able to purchase them in bulk, so split up into a set of 5 for $2.25!20140403-165518.jpg

Also in the store, are the awesome 7mm We R Memory Keepers washi. They are also the same size as the pastel washi in the store here. They are so perfect for the planners since its the same size as a highlighter. 20140403-165537.jpg

I love bookmark clips. These are perfect because they are flat and metal! These came straight from Tokyo, so they take a little longer to come in. More will be in the shop soon! 20140403-165628.jpg

And of course, more overlays/dashboards! I am expecting more gold HO ones in soon – imagine the peacock one in gold! Yes – coming soon! Of course the clouds was a huge success in the my shop, I was able to find a secondary alternative. Its a “doodle” version – basically as if someone drew it on! Hearts, banners, stars! Oh My!20140403-165657.jpg

I love Project Life. And what else I love are the dividers. They are a bit larger than your usual planner ones, so I trimmed them down for you and punched the holes right in. What’s also cool is I cut slit in the holes so you can easily pop them in without opening your rings!20140403-165718.jpgAnd of course, if you have been following my Facebook feed – YES, I am seriously in the works of creating a monthly subscription box of adorable goodies. The item will include 10-12 pieces priced starting at $19.99. Both international and domestic – and both planner sizes – personal and A5 (future sizes to come). It will include washi tape, pens, clips, stickers, mark-its, dashboards, etc. It will also include the option for add-ons. So leave a comment below if this is something you will be interested in and I will be starting a newsletter soon for it.

And once again, thank you thank you thank you – for ALL of your support.


Chic Tags and Maya Road Blog Hop


Hey Everyone!! Are you checking out the Chic Tags and Maya Road collabo on the CT Blog? Well, they are giving away the entire Happy Place collection here. I decided to use the Maya Road chipboard words and heart confetti to embellish the OUTSIDE of the sleeves instead of inside. 20140327-223354.jpg


The collection I used from Chic Tags were the Birthday Cake collection.




How about some flowers to pretty it up!





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