A little update and a Project Life page!

Hello everyone! I did NOT drop off the face of the earth! Just enjoying the country side of things. Everything has been so wonderful down South, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss Vegas. In fact, I REALLY miss my old home the most. As I was sitting home scrapbooking, I went through some old photos – as you do while scrapbooking – and just had that warm feeling, you know? Like a past love, or a past job even. That’s kind of where I felt. I really haven’t done much socially here, luckily my girlfriend Inna did come visit which made it much better. I don’t mind being a loaner, especially when you are exploring a new city! Its definitely an adventure in its own! There is a great bagel shop I love called Bagel Face Bakery. If you are ever in Nashville, check it out. And if you are a coffee fanatic, check out Barista Parlor!

So, let’s see .. what’s new? Ah! Yes! Do you remember that planner kit I was doing? Well, I’m not saying I’m dismissing it all together, but let;s just say you will be seeing something pretty similar over at Studio Calico. That’s right – we are doing our very own planner subscription. A lot of what I was incorporating in the kits will be much better developed therefore … waaaaaay better. Better quality. Better deliverance. Better managed. Just better! And bigger! And if its more people in it, it ends up being a better deal. There is a 12-month commitment to the planner subscription and its $19.99 a month. That’s what I signed up for. It’s just a way better bargain, and to be honest guys. I PROMISE you, you won’t be disappointed. YOU JUST WON’T! Without making this sound like an infomercial, just ask me what you like in the comments and I will try to answer every one of your questions. For the planner pre-order, follow this link here.

You would think that working for a scrapbook company, I would be scrapping everyday! NOPE! You are wrong. But I will admit that I have done 3-4 design team work for Amy’s new line Rise & Shine (which is so stankin’ cute by the way) and a few other weekly PL layouts.

Photo May 14, 1 40 56 PM

I’m using the 9×12 Messy Book, loving the new size. FOR SURE!

Photo May 14, 1 41 10 PM

That Days of the Week Messy Box washi is the b o m b !

Photo May 14, 1 41 14 PM

Finally learned the Chemex coffee system!

Photo May 14, 1 41 21 PM

And a traditional cappuccino is ok every now and then too!

So I decided to stick with the medium sized albums this year. I had originally wanted to use the Teresa Collins or WRMK 8.5×11 baseball card sleeves, but I found it so time consuming cutting down my project life cards to all fit. It was totally dreadful! The album I use is here, but you can use the Studio Calico sleeves to fill them up.

Photo May 14, 1 41 00 PM

Left Side – Filled it up with Instax photos this time!

Photo May 14, 1 41 26 PM

The Sun still sets just as beautiful down south!

Photo May 14, 1 41 34 PM

April got me pretty hooked on the Cuban Asian Spice Pulled Pork … ermagodd!!!

Photo May 14, 1 41 42 PM

I love our sign!

Thank you so much for reading you guys! Are people still reading blogs out there???


First Week in Bowling Green

Blog post to come soon! Been extremely busy catching up at the headquarters but wanted to share photos of my first week in kentucky. 

If you are wondering, I’ve decided to live in the same city as work versus commuting an hour away from Nashville! Enjoy the photos! 

My New Office!


Erin teaching me how to work the Chemex!








My visit to the Studio Calico Headquarters

Hello paper addicts! While in town (Nashville) I got the opportunity to visit my good ole friends at Studio Calico! My head nearly exploded!

Recently, I did a lot of soul searching looking for answers about my future and my goals & aspirations. Being a slave to the corporate world as a respectable casino host/executive for 15 years, I have decided to embark the world of my love and passion for the scrapbook and paper crafting industry. I have decided to retire as an Executive Casino Host and close this wonderful chapter in my life – a part of my life where I will cherish near and dear to my heart. But this chapter must close in order for me to progress into bigger and more exuberayting things I am destined to do. I have accepted a position with the very respectable Studio Calico as a Manager of Merchandising in the greater Nashville, Tennessee area. This opportunity will allow me to be closer to my family in the Philadelphia area, especially my niece, AND work in a field that I hold very near and dear to my heart. 

Many of you have guessed it! But I really didn’t want to jinx anything. I am just extremely excited to work for April and her company – simply put, because she’s awesome and she shares the same passion and love for what I do! In the corporate world, I am separated by a large degree of positions trickling up to the CEO. It was difficult to get things done, especially when you are so independent. After 15 years of missing every single holiday, I simply was exhausted. I have put my family, my shop, my dating life, everything – pretty much my entire life. Of course, I am not saying you can’t balance the 2, but with my position … it was nearly impossible or difficult.

This world makes me truly, truly happy. Don’t we all want to live the American dream? We all should work to live, and not live to work. Thank you for your blessings and many fond memories. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I’ve scrapped that! I love you all Las Vegas!









Sneak Peaks!

I have had an overwhelming amazing response to my delighted new news!!! I read each and every single one of your comments and emails — and let’s be honest. I cried reading every single one. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart with all the support and positive reinforcement as I embark this SCARY approach in my life!!

Without further ado, some sneak peak planner grab bags and other goodies!!!











See you this Friday 2/6 at 12pm PST!

Paper Addict is Re-Opening!

Some News!

I recently quit my job …

Yes, you read that correctly. Some of you may or may not know this but I was a casino executive for a great company on the strip of Las Vegas. When I returned from CHA (Craft and Hobby Association), I realized my true destiny and happiness came from the crafting world. I made a bold move, but I put my 2 weeks in and decided to go ahead and take this approach to re-focusing on Paper Addict full time.

I decided to take some time to do some soul searching, while rethinking my career goals and plans. Hopefully there will be some answers within the next few weeks or so, but for the meantime, I am taking it one day at a time and enjoying the time away from the corporate world.

So, with that being said, I have decided to open up Paper Addict. The store will open up at 12:00pm PST (pacific standard time) on Friday, February 6. It will be chock-full of a new planner kit (limited, very limited) filled with goodies from Tokyo! I am also listing all the dashboards in personal and A5 sizes for you as well. And why not a little destashing! That’s right, there will also be tons of Studio Calico stamps, mostly unused and a few other scrapbooking supplies!

I thank you for your patience with this transition in my life. Please let me know if there are any questions you may have, just shoot me an email: info@paper-addict.com.

Filofax Shopping


I have been meaning to blog about this some time now. I am a traveler. I travel – a lot. Strangely, because I HATE flying. But I love traveling. Is that even possible?

In 2013, I travelled to Houston, TX a lot – and I think Houston has the best stores for stationary and Filofax type stuff; other than Tokyo!

Paradise Pen: (Houston, TX)

The first store is located in the Galleria Mall. If you are expecting low discounts – look somewhere else. This place sells at the retail price – and sometimes higher. Not sure why, but I opted not to buy anything from here.

Dromgoole’s: (Houston, TX)

This was THE BEST place!

Franklin Covey: (Houston, TX)

FIT Japanese: (Houstom, TX)


The Papery: (Philadelphia, PA)

This store is located in Central Philadelphia. Parking wasn’t too bad, it was street parking. They were in the process of moving, so it looked a little disheveled. They had a lot – I mean a LOT – of old inventory, and not really the good kind. They had a bunch of old Kate Spades, one had a diary insert from 2005 and they were selling it at full price.

They had really cute paper goods, so if you are in Philadelphia, check the spot out.


Papery of Philadelphia


Papery of Philadelphia


Papery of Philadelphia

When I return from Tokyo Japan in December, I will get into a nice detailed post about the planner goodies there!

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