Paper Addict Giveaway and Fundraiser

Hey everyone!

I know I have been pretty MIA recently, but I am actually in the process of adding items into my store as we speak, including a November Planner Kit! I have been getting tons of emails on whether or not I released an October kit – the answer is no. So good news! You didn’t miss out on anything!

Now to the business. Today I’m asking you for your time and prayers. We all know someone who is battling cancer. I lost both my grandmothers to ovarian and pancreatic cancer. Well, today I am helping out a friend, Nikki Lane, who is fighting Stage 4 Breast Cancer that has metastasized to her lung pleura and rib bones. Get this, she’s my age. A young 32 year old who just got bad news, raising a 5 year old boy and 2 year old girl. I usually don’t like to ask for charitable donations, but Nikki’s situation really touched me so I wanted to see how I could help. I want to get as many of her pink Nikki’s fight bracelets out and to all parts of the world! If you donate $5 today through the link below, the 1st 100 people from the US will get a Nikki’s bracelet and an exclusive Hello. I’m a Paper Addict flair made by my friend Eri in Hawaii. In addition, on October 26 I will draw one of the lucky donators name and you will get a neat swag bag chock full of paper addict supply for all your needs (open to domestic and international donators)!


Nikki’s fundraiser is on October 26. Her friends and family are asking for any assistance towards her medical bills and what fun way to win a prize AND do something good!
All that I ask is you donate $5 for your chance to win this bundle below:


Thank you all for your loyalty and time. Come back October 26 where I will announce a winner AND reveal the November kit with amazing goodies from Tokyo!

My Kikki K Planner

Hey everyone! I am really enjoying this A5 size, but I am not going to lie – this baby is heavy! I am currently carrying around a Limited Edition Kikki K Planner in mint (size large which is equivalent to a Filofax A5). The dashboard shown in the photo is an old arrow overlay that I had in my shop (soon to open October 1 with all amazing new items from Tokyo!)

I have been getting a lot of questions about my printables. I use Hammermill Color Digital paper where I purchase from my local Staples, and what I like about it is its smooth and super bright white color. Also, the inks from my stamps don’t bleed as much either so that’s a plus! The digital prints are from Miss Tiina and what I did was purchase the personal size (which I was using in the beginning of the year) and just printed it at 130% on half-sized letter paper (aka “statement” in my HP printer). Another cute site that has adorable printables is Hello Forever for those who like them undated.


IMG_4180.JPGDon’t forget to sign up for the October Studio Calico class Agenda! See you guys there!


Studio Calico Agenda

IMG_3666.JPGHey everyone! Well, my casino has finally opened and I am back on my creative kick! I wanted to let you guys know that I am helping Marcy Penner and friends kick off an awesome class called Agenda in the Studio Calico. IMG_4180.JPGCan you believe that I think I have graduated into the A5 size?? I know, its crazy. But with so much going on in my life, I felt it was super necessary. Before I left for Tokyo, Kikki K planner was selling a limited edition mint leather large agenda – and I got my hands on it! If you are obsessed with gold, they have a GORGEOUS one on sale right now here!

IMG_4058.JPGI hope to see you guys there! And on another note — be on the look out, I am opening up the Paper Addict store back October 1! Mark your filofaxes!!!


Heidi Swapp + Project Life …. what????!!!

Hi everyone! So I have some pretty exciting news! Heidi Swapp has a new Project Life collection sold at Michael’s! Mrs. Heidi herself had asked some of her crafting friends to share some sneaks and here’s what I got for you! Enjoy!!






My creative box from Heidi!

And a cute card I made for my girlfriend:












Hello Paper Addict Hiatus

Hi Everyone! Gee, where do I start. First off, this is not a closing down of a store. Trust me, by no means am I closing up the shop! Secondly, thank you all for your support. This is definitely a GREAT problem to have.

I get about 30 orders PER week. That’s an average of 4+ orders per day. I first started this store as a tiny shop on Etsy selling to my friends handmade instagram embellishments and paper piecing. Then it expanded to scrapbook supplies and then stationery and then paper addict stuff. The shop BLEW up! I made it a legit company with a business ID, I attended CHA and other conventions for expanding the store further, and I marketed the heck out of myself doing anything and everything possible for the success of my business.

Let’s fast forward now to a few months later. I was offered a very lucrative job within my market and it was simply an offer I couldn’t refuse. I accepted the job and broke out of my normal marketing executive role at my previous employer. I have over 500+ clients in my PERSONAL career….. this is not your typical “clients” such as banking, sales, home décor, nothing like that. This is HUGE rich gamblers who like to blow $100,000 per trip and they need my full undivided attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My personal relationship with my then boyfriend started to falter and sadly, he couldn’t handle the position and success of my career so we decided to end that stressful factor in my life and parted ways.

I know I just came back from Tokyo and I want to show you all the adorable goodies I have sitting in my home, but sadly, that will have to wait until the opening of the new casino I am working for to get settled in. In addition, with working 10-12 hours per week for the next 3 months my doggies have been seeing less of me and more of the kennel since I have to travel so much for work. I hope you can feel my pain!

This is the last bit of orders from #hellopaperaddict. Sadly at this time in my life, I need to shift my focus on my personal life and my new job opening up a brand new casino in Las Vegas. Thank you for everyone’s support and I should be opening back up after Labor Day weekend! Enjoy your summer!


Sweet Stamps Shop Blog Hop

Hey everyone and you must have got here from April’s blog! Thank you so much for stopping by! I love the Sweet Stamps Shop July kit! I decided to do a page of my recent trip to California — how cute did it turn out?










Follow the hop here:

Thanks for hopping along guys! Now go check out Chrissie’s blog for some more inspiration!!

Chic Tags and Twinery Blog Hop!

Hey everyone!! Thanks for hopping along the Chic Tags & Twinery blog hop! If you came here from JEANNE’S blog, then you’ve been following the right way! First off, isn’t stitching on Project Life spreads so therapeutic? Let’s hop along!


Left Side: Design A


Right side: Design A

I like to primarily stick to Design A layouts. A simple needle from your local fabric store would work. I like to use the extra large eyelet since I am horrible at threading needles. I also use a denim needle for the thicker papers.20140707-023136-9096169.jpg










Next up, don’t forget to stop over ANITA’S blog (final stop for today!) If you get lost along the way, here is the blog hop order:


Don’t forget to enter the Chic Tags giveaway for this super cute grab baggie!!

signatureThanks for hopping along, and good luck in the giveaway!

Releasing Tomorrow

I am so grateful that the 1st mini launch went smoothly. Tomorrow is the second installment of the launch. I am currently taking all feedback via email please ( In addition to the kits, August and future ones will be muuuuuuuuch better. I am heading to Tokyo Japan for some out of this world stuff, as well as working with Studio L2E for a launch of some exclusive planner stamps! Woohoo!!

Here’s tomorrow’s release you can purchase here:





Kits are $25 plus $5 (US) and $15 (INTL) shipping. They are pretty heavy this month — supplies are limited! I hope to see you there!

Inside My Personal Life: Single in the City

Hello. I am a newly single 30-something year old — and I love it. There goes another one. Another great relationship in the books. Another dosage of life lessons of things to do and not to do when in a relationship. Some of my very close friends have known for a while, but my boyfriend of 14 months and I have parted ways. I will always love him unconditionally, and I know he is probably reading this – but we didn’t fail ourselves or each other – we just failed at being what each other wants the other to be. I wasn’t true to myself, and in turn, it made me untrue to him.

I have always grown up never wanting the picket fence, or the happy 4-person family home, or the soccer mom mini van. Its sad, but its true. I have always been a loner, a gal who enjoyed her time alone. I liked to scrap all day and all night, without having limits or feeling like I was disconnected to my significant other because I truly truly enjoyed doing things on my own. I found it getting very difficult balancing my love life, my work life, and my craft life. And sadly, what I decided to eliminate was my love life. For the moment, I feel I’ve made the right decision. I made the decision for me – for my well-being. We both agreed this wasn’t a time in both our lives where we needed to be in a serious relationship. He wanted too much, and I didn’t want enough.

Maybe someday I will turn my “auntie” cap for the mommy cap, the Christian Louboutins for some running sneakers, the Herve dress for the mom jeans – but until then, I am just enjoying the single life in this fabulous city of Las Vegas. This was a break-up, not a break-down, so you won’t see me in curlers eating bon-bons watching the Kardashians on my weekends. I have some exciting news coming up and of course an awesome trip to Tokyo Japan planned with my great friend, Chiao.

I didn’t decide to blog about this to bore you with my personal life …. I just decided because I know there is someone out there who feels they are in a dead end relationship, who also wants an out. You have to ask yourself these things: Am I better off alone? My answer was yes.

Thank you for everyone’s support. I appreciate all the text messages and emails – until then! Let the #singlegirl scrapbooking begin!


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