First Week in Bowling Green

Blog post to come soon! Been extremely busy catching up at the headquarters but wanted to share photos of my first week in kentucky. 

If you are wondering, I’ve decided to live in the same city as work versus commuting an hour away from Nashville! Enjoy the photos! 

My New Office!


Erin teaching me how to work the Chemex!








My visit to the Studio Calico Headquarters

Hello paper addicts! While in town (Nashville) I got the opportunity to visit my good ole friends at Studio Calico! My head nearly exploded!

Recently, I did a lot of soul searching looking for answers about my future and my goals & aspirations. Being a slave to the corporate world as a respectable casino host/executive for 15 years, I have decided to embark the world of my love and passion for the scrapbook and paper crafting industry. I have decided to retire as an Executive Casino Host and close this wonderful chapter in my life – a part of my life where I will cherish near and dear to my heart. But this chapter must close in order for me to progress into bigger and more exuberayting things I am destined to do. I have accepted a position with the very respectable Studio Calico as a Manager of Merchandising in the greater Nashville, Tennessee area. This opportunity will allow me to be closer to my family in the Philadelphia area, especially my niece, AND work in a field that I hold very near and dear to my heart. 

Many of you have guessed it! But I really didn’t want to jinx anything. I am just extremely excited to work for April and her company – simply put, because she’s awesome and she shares the same passion and love for what I do! In the corporate world, I am separated by a large degree of positions trickling up to the CEO. It was difficult to get things done, especially when you are so independent. After 15 years of missing every single holiday, I simply was exhausted. I have put my family, my shop, my dating life, everything – pretty much my entire life. Of course, I am not saying you can’t balance the 2, but with my position … it was nearly impossible or difficult.

This world makes me truly, truly happy. Don’t we all want to live the American dream? We all should work to live, and not live to work. Thank you for your blessings and many fond memories. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I’ve scrapped that! I love you all Las Vegas!









Sneak Peaks!

I have had an overwhelming amazing response to my delighted new news!!! I read each and every single one of your comments and emails — and let’s be honest. I cried reading every single one. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart with all the support and positive reinforcement as I embark this SCARY approach in my life!!

Without further ado, some sneak peak planner grab bags and other goodies!!!











See you this Friday 2/6 at 12pm PST!

Paper Addict is Re-Opening!

Some News!

I recently quit my job …

Yes, you read that correctly. Some of you may or may not know this but I was a casino executive for a great company on the strip of Las Vegas. When I returned from CHA (Craft and Hobby Association), I realized my true destiny and happiness came from the crafting world. I made a bold move, but I put my 2 weeks in and decided to go ahead and take this approach to re-focusing on Paper Addict full time.

I decided to take some time to do some soul searching, while rethinking my career goals and plans. Hopefully there will be some answers within the next few weeks or so, but for the meantime, I am taking it one day at a time and enjoying the time away from the corporate world.

So, with that being said, I have decided to open up Paper Addict. The store will open up at 12:00pm PST (pacific standard time) on Friday, February 6. It will be chock-full of a new planner kit (limited, very limited) filled with goodies from Tokyo! I am also listing all the dashboards in personal and A5 sizes for you as well. And why not a little destashing! That’s right, there will also be tons of Studio Calico stamps, mostly unused and a few other scrapbooking supplies!

I thank you for your patience with this transition in my life. Please let me know if there are any questions you may have, just shoot me an email:

Filofax Shopping


I have been meaning to blog about this some time now. I am a traveler. I travel – a lot. Strangely, because I HATE flying. But I love traveling. Is that even possible?

In 2013, I travelled to Houston, TX a lot – and I think Houston has the best stores for stationary and Filofax type stuff; other than Tokyo!

Paradise Pen: (Houston, TX)

The first store is located in the Galleria Mall. If you are expecting low discounts – look somewhere else. This place sells at the retail price – and sometimes higher. Not sure why, but I opted not to buy anything from here.

Dromgoole’s: (Houston, TX)

This was THE BEST place!

Franklin Covey: (Houston, TX)

FIT Japanese: (Houstom, TX)


The Papery: (Philadelphia, PA)

This store is located in Central Philadelphia. Parking wasn’t too bad, it was street parking. They were in the process of moving, so it looked a little disheveled. They had a lot – I mean a LOT – of old inventory, and not really the good kind. They had a bunch of old Kate Spades, one had a diary insert from 2005 and they were selling it at full price.

They had really cute paper goods, so if you are in Philadelphia, check the spot out.


Papery of Philadelphia


Papery of Philadelphia


Papery of Philadelphia

When I return from Tokyo Japan in December, I will get into a nice detailed post about the planner goodies there!

Day 6 – Itoya and MUJI in Ginza

IMG_9100.JPGToday I am blogging live from Ginza! Tomomi told me of this place she was obsessed with as a child and we just HAD to visit. She says there is a place called Itoya that has almost 5 floors of stationery and scrapbooking stuff. Can you tell Chiao and I were excited?IMG_9165.JPGI snooped over to the business side of journals and notebooks, hoping to find some Filofaxes. Sadly there weren’t any! But isn’t this display gorgeous??IMG_9167.JPGAnd how can I say I’m a paper addict if I don’t visit the paper section. Too bad this crap is heavy, I would have stocked heavily on the Japanese yellow canary papers!IMG_9169.JPGI have never heard of this brand – it looks Eupropean. **¯\_(ツ)_/¯** maybe someone can tell me more about it? Because all it needs is yellow and I am a new obsessed consumer with the product line.IMG_9168.JPGTomomi helped me pull some adorable Japanese stamps that have fun sayings like “hello and thank you” for the happy mail I need to send out. Isn’t this just a stampers paradise? I am by no means a block stamper, but I for sure snagged some! I can’t wait to show you guys my haul.IMG_9170.JPGOk.. let’s discuss how excited I am about this!! I asked Tomomi what this section was? It looked like cool seals, or tiny mini stamps with symbols on it. She tells me it is customary in the Japanese culture for what is called a name stamp.IMG_9190.JPGShe says we can check the book to see if my name was in it. I highly doubted it. I looked up “Cathy” and sadly, there wasn’t any … but they did have this one:IMG_9192.JPGI was soooooooooo stocked!!!! Tomomi was just as excited as me – but seriously though, I was sooooooooooo excited i could’t contain myself. So she wrote out the form for me and there you have it!IMG_9173.JPGIMG_9191.JPG30 minutes later – and I am a TRUE Japanese! Just kidding, but isn’t this so damn cute???IMG_9197.JPGIf you are curious, here is a boatload of other things to drool over in Itoya Ginza…IMG_9172.JPG IMG_9174.JPG IMG_9175.JPGIMG_9186.JPGSo overall, Itoya was a good stop! Next spot was Muji. Tomomi knew how obsessed I was with kraft and letter writing, so we did a nice walk through.IMG_9178.JPG IMG_9179.JPG IMG_9164.JPGThey even had a place where you can create your own notebooks!IMG_9180.JPG IMG_9181.JPG And we ended the night and trip at Loft.IMG_9176.JPG   IMG_9193.JPG IMG_9194.JPGI will be listing 2 silicone Hobonochi’s in the standard size in my shop as well. Tomorrow, we are visiting the Nirita Airport Traveler’s store for more limited to Tokyo Midori Travel notebook goodies. Wish us luck! We need room in our luggage!!

Day 5 – Loft in Japan

IMG_9044.JPGThose who wander, aren’t always lost. That was my thought exactly when eyeing this adorable suitcase! Too bad I am on a “no new suitcases” campaign, because I have literally 5-6 suitcases!

Day 5 was getting tiresome. Loft in Shibuya is another favorite spot for me to shop, however the price is retail for everything so I purchase only unique items in there. I ran over to grab the Hobonochi planner and was pretty much in awe again of everything.



IMG_9024.JPGMy girlfriend Evelin (aka an enabler) texted me to go look at these planners. Honestly, I saw no need for it in my life. But then … I held one and I was sold. Sadly, they are only sold at Loft or online. So I grabbed a couple for me and a couple for my planner friends. I was soooo happy to find out that Vivianna, the gal I became friends with via Instagram (but never met in real life – weird huh?) was wanting one for so long — why is she so special? Well she let me have her Kate Spade Hot Pink buckled Wellesley!! As you know in the planner world, that damn thing is pretty  much extinct and if it wasn’t for her, well you know, there wouldn’t be no me owning a Kate Spade!IMG_9047.JPGI decided to go for the Techno size or original. I’m still learning about it. So bear with me! I loved that it gave me so much room to journal and make notes. Something that my Filofaxes and other ring planners lacked.IMG_9073.JPGSince accessories were pretty limited at the store, I had to do the old online purchasing. Sucks because I really wanted a Sunday start and all they had in the store were Monday starts.IMG_9074.JPGI ended up grabbing the blue and white design with the yellow interior for myself and 2 other silicone ones which I will be posting in my shop soon.IMG_9075.JPGAren’t these colors to die for?? I grabbed the yellow one for a friend as well. And how about a book I can’t read? Haha! I needed this book in my life, it showed illustrations of how people organized in their Hobonochi’s … ummm, I died!IMG_9076.JPGIMG_9077.JPGHere’s my small planner posing with the A5 version. Lovely huh?IMG_9078.JPG

IMG_9079.JPGI also got lost in the stationery and notes area. I immediately was drawn to the neon cards.IMG_9080.JPGIMG_9081.JPGAnd of course, tote bags! I grabbed a cute yellow and canvas book tote bag shown in the Hobonichi haul photo above.IMG_9082.JPGSo cool to see Amy Tangerine stuff in Japan – and they sold for a fortune!IMG_9083.JPGI never liked masking tapes, but these were too cute to resist, I thought they’d look good on envelopes.IMG_9084.JPGWe also went over to the travel and home section. How cute is this Christmas tree?IMG_9085.JPG…And this travel section? OMG! I grabbed a strap thing that allowed you to weigh your suitcase! Something that Chiao and I needed of course with our heavy bags!IMG_9087.JPG

We ended the evening at a shabu shabu restaurant with my childhood friend William and his family. Will was pretty much my little brother growing up and best friends with my little brother.IMG_9089.JPGJeremiah was very impressed with the soup!IMG_9088.JPGAnd my little family from across the sea!IMG_9061.JPGRight before going back up to the hotel, Chiao met up with a friend and we grabbed dessert at a famous dessert shop at the Shibuya scramble.IMG_9093.JPG



IMG_9065.JPGDo you feel fat now or what??? Because I did – luckily Chiao and I must have walked over 20 miles a day! Thanks for reading along guys, see you tomorrow!


Scrapfest Haul

Going back in time again! These are from Scrapfest 2013 … so sad! For those of you who know about Scrapfest, it was hosted by Archiver’s which has since went out of business. It broke the scrapbook communities heart … but these memories will forever make me smile! Enjoy guys!

Some goodies I got from Scrapfest:










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